Wednesday, March 26, 2008


These cookies were for a very special boy turning 3. The mother requested we remove the sticks to make the cookies safer for the birthday boys friends.

The cookies are shortbread iced with royal icing.


These are shrimp quiche made for a recent party. Each quiche contains 1 whole shrimp.

We also have mini apple pies this size.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Linawati & Anuar: Wedding Cake

This is beautiful 3 tiered wedding cake made for a recent wedding. The cake is chocolate hazelnut cake with hazelnut buttercream. The cake is wonderfully rich tasting and aromatic due to the presence of ground hazelnuts in the cake.

The cake is covered with fondant and the flowers are made from sugar paste. The birds were custom ordered by the bride and symbolizes the bride and groom and was made by us using sugar paste.

The shy girl bird

The boy, looking on

Elmo cupcakes

These Elmo cupcakes are individually packed in bags to be given out as favors. Great for parties and goody bags!

Handbag Cupcakes

These are a set of assorted cupcakes (handbags + flowers). The handbags are made of sugar paste and are edible.

Carrot cake

This carrot cake was commissioned for a joint birthday party of a grandpa and his grandson. The carrot cake is iced with cream cheese frosting and topped with a rabbit & carrots sculpted by us.

Elmo cake

This is an Elmo birthday cake for a 2 year old boy. The cake is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The decorations were cut out from sugar paste. The Elmo figurine was sculpted by us using sugar paste.

Transformer Cupcakes

These are cupcakes commissioned for a recent birthday party. The birthday boy loves transformers, so naturally, that's what topped the cakes. The toppers were made with piped royal icing left to dry.

These mini cupcakes were also for the same party but were favors for the kids. The swirls were for the little girls and the transformers for the little boys.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby cookies

These cookies were given as a gift to a baby girl.

Birthday Favors

These are favors for a very special 5 yo's birthday. The favors include cupcakes with royal icing images and ice cream shaped lollipops. The image chosen was Mickey mouse clubhouse characters.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wedding cake

This is a wedding cake given on the day of the 'nikah'. It's a chocolate cake covered with fondant.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cookie Bouquets: Say it with cookies

Now, you can send your loved ones pretty bouquets that they can eat! Each bouquet consists of 5 cookie lollipops which will put a smile on anyone that receives it. Best of all, it tastes good.

As they say, the best way to anyones heart is through his/her stomach. Get your loved ones a cookie bouquet today!

Preferred cookie shapes can be requested. Designs on cookies can also be customized to suit your needs.