Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Eats First Food Venture

Today was a very special day for Good Eats because it was the first time we ever catered food for a function.

The food was for Aussino, Ikano Power Center. They had a small function for their loyal members and wanted to serve some finger food after the event.

The food provided was mini burgers, fruits on skewers, brownies and coffee & tea. Thankfully, the event was a success and everyone loved the food. They even booked us for their fall/winter launch.

Here's to a successful start to GoodEats!

Ariani & Eddy's Engagement cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered as a gift to a close friend getting engaged.

All toppers were made with fondant and are edible.

Birthday cupcakes for Aiman

These birthday cupcakes were for a birthday party for Aiman. The theme was, "Balls".

All balls were made from fondant and are edible.

Birthday cupcakes for Mika

Birthday cupcakes for a boy turning 5.

Birthday cupcakes for Raudhah

These birthday cupcakes were for a birthday girl that was all the way in JB.

They were ordered for her by her loving Auntie.

Hello, Kitty.

These Hello Kitty themed cupcakes and cookies were for a special girl turning 5. She had a hard time deciding between Mickey Mouse & Friends & Hello Kitty. But in the end, Hello Kitty won the battle.

So here she is adorning both cupcakes and cookies.

For the cupcakes, we made royal icing toppers to go on the cupcakes. As for the cookies, since we don't have any Hello Kitty cookie cutters, we drew the design on the cookie itself.

The cupcakes were Banana + Honey flavor with buttercream frosting. Angie's mummy wanted something healthier and the cupcakes were a hit among Angie's friends.

Cheryl's Birthday Cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered as a surprise for Cheryl, by here colleagues.

The toppers ordered were things that meant a lot to her.

Birthday cupcakes for Aween

These birthday cupcakes were for a close friend. The theme was sweet and girly.

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes, for mama.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wedding Cupcakes

These are wedding cupcakes ordered to be given out as favors. There were two type of cakes ordered. The blue flowers were for guests, and the red flowers were for VIP's. i.e. Bride and Groom's family.

For these cupcakes, the client opted to not buy the container for us. So all containers are from the client's side.

Ladybugs in a garden

These cupcakes were given out as favors at a birthday party. Each cupcake was packed individually in their own take-out box.

3 Tier Birthday Cake

This special 3-tier birthday cake was for a very lucky baby girl celebrating her 1st birthday.

The cake was our popular vanilla madeira cake iced with buttercream icing and covered with fondant. For the decorations, the cake was then covered with fondant polka-dots. The name and birthday wish was made out of fondant and stuck on with royal icing.

And lastly, a photo from Elil's mummy of Elil cutting her birthday cake.

Birthday Cookie

The birthday girl wanted something different for her birthday this year. So instead of a birthday cake, she asked for a birthday cookie. The cookie is a chocolate chip cookie and is about 8 inches wide.

It proved to be a hit among the kids and adults alike.

Wedding cake

This wedding cake is a two-tiered madeira cake with buttercream filling. The cake is then covered in fondant and topped with sugarpaste flowers.

Spiderman cupcakes & cake

These cupcakes and cakes were for a spiderman themed birthday. The birthday cake was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.

The cupcakes were chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing & fondant decorations. The cupcakes were then packed in their own bags to be given out as favors.