Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello, Kitty.

These Hello Kitty themed cupcakes and cookies were for a special girl turning 5. She had a hard time deciding between Mickey Mouse & Friends & Hello Kitty. But in the end, Hello Kitty won the battle.

So here she is adorning both cupcakes and cookies.

For the cupcakes, we made royal icing toppers to go on the cupcakes. As for the cookies, since we don't have any Hello Kitty cookie cutters, we drew the design on the cookie itself.

The cupcakes were Banana + Honey flavor with buttercream frosting. Angie's mummy wanted something healthier and the cupcakes were a hit among Angie's friends.


tech said...

Hi... wah sangat comey arr HK cupcakes .. erm ada tempahan tak?

nadhirah said...

Hi Tech, Ye kita ada buat tempahan kalau berminat.

ichigo said...

omg omg cuuuuute!!!!! nurul dira sgt sukker kedua2 cupcake dan cookies..pandainya nurul...pandai nye customer nurul oreder hello kitty...sukeer...muahah..excited giler!