Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dila

These cupcakes were ordered by a very good friend for the birthday girl who has been pining for our cupcakes for a very long time. I'm sure she made the birthday girl's day.

FYI, the teddy is wearing a lawyers' wig, not rollers.

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bubbles said...

i get to know your blog thru my cousin's blog (milkberry).. and i was so shocked to see this post.

U know what? i get to see this cupcakes real live, i even ate 1 of them. Dilla the lawyer is my sister!! What a small world. This cupcakes are from her good freind Kak Raha.

btw, if you take orders thru internet or by fone, i'd like to have yr contact number so that i can make orders..
it's undeniable that u're so creative & talented at doing this thing...